Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pole Fitness: Practicing the Cupid/Victory

Weekends had been spent practicing on my Xpole. But that's just like once a week for an hour. I know that ain't enuff but I don't have the time to. There's so much goin on and tonnes to achieve I couldn't even find time to blog!!!

My dear readers, thank you for still sticking to Notti Monkey
Muakkkssss...lots of love :)))))

 Look ma!!!! no hands!!! for like one nano second. muahahahahaha...I was so so afraid of falling....

 my dear pole...I m sticking close to you, please don't let me fall!!!! I've had bad falls before and it;s quite traumatic.

This trick is known as cupid...or Victory....
so lil monkey tried and tried and tried and tried...I can't remember for how long coz I was so in pain.

 Ok, now don't fall...hold it.....and bend the body lower...

let's go lower......lower.......with the slow spin I was hanging on to my dear xpole with a knee grip and a foot holding on.

Alright...I slipped and fell again....can't do~~~~~
 Now...calm down.....and do it all again...
step by step and re-analyze what went wrong.

The sun was setting....the air got cooler...and I was in panic. Gotta achieve this before it gets dark.

and Monkey started all over again. for far so good...let's see how long I can hold it there. This is just the beginning of intermediate pole dance!!! Argh~~~~~

hands off, I'm still spinning slowly....still on the pole.....what's next?

try to bend the core as low as possible.....can I??? and down I went...

Oh Monkey...ur mistake...if u think u gonna fall...u will....and true enuff I did. The mind is truly powerful.

oh-oh Houston!!! we got a problem!!!

last pic and one final spin, before the fall...

Nevertheless it has been fun :))) I look forward to my next lesson in 2 weeks time :)))

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